We all go through different types of stress weather it may be work related, relationships, financial obligations, family pressure and the list goes on. Different people have different ways of dealing with the stress. Some decide to keep it inside and the other try to bust it out others.We are all well aware of how the effects of stress are devastating on our health and many other factors of our life.


Many therapies are available which helps in coping up with stress. Researches prove that a good laughter or a good scream helps to cope up with stress up to a much extent. Sometimes all we need is shout, shout all of ourselves out upon someone else.

We are here to help you relive your stress away by screaming at your phone and screaming at us. We are not here to judge you but only to provide a stress buster. Channelizing anger and stress into one direction and throwing it all out puts you in a better mood helps you get through with the day with more ease.