I’m frustrated with my life, I don’t want to live anymore

We often come across such feelings like I’m frustrated with my life or I’m done living, I don’t want to live anymore. Such feelings are temporary and thus are an outcome of negative things that are happening things around us and taking a toll on our lives. We are often clueless about what we are going to do next in our lives. The frustration keeps on building up itself and ultimately take an ugly form of stress.


Before moving forward we must know the main causes of such situation. When you find out everything is not working according to your plan or instantly something just turned upside down. We feel trapped. We feel frustrated with everything that’s going wrong with their lives that they forget to see all the good things around them at all.

Initial Stages

The initial stages start off with the irritation you get with the little things. We tend to bottle up all our feelings and wait for it to burst up once and for all. The bottling up of feelings one over the other over the other forms up to the stress level. And the stress kept to only ourselves is the cause of depression in one’s life.


The its bits of the frustration needs to be treated way to early so that there’s no chance of having to face it afterwards. Well the oldest and the most refine treatment is good loud scream. Good scream is basically an expression of letting go and realization of a bigger person you are beneath all the wrongs and negatives happening around us.

How We Help?

We at rekt hub provide you with a platform of screaming out all you have got on us. Put all your stress and empty it all on us. Consider us as your dumping zone. Scream out anything and everything. We won’t judge you.

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