Depression has been one of the most common disease that has stick to our society. There can be various causes that one may face depression at some point in his/her life. This state may be visible to some while in most of the cases it is just beneath the smiling face saying I’m fine, I’m okay. The condition of depression can be only explained by the one who’s suffering from it. Well the most pathetic condition is that the one’s suffering are also kind of unaware from this state.

Much grateful to the society who discourages us to showcase any emotions at all and that makes us feel that we are only allowed to be strong and all the feelings that we feel are not to showcased in the public or to anyone.

Understanding the Cause of This State

The main cause of depression can be over thinking. Over thinking about a particular thing may create problems that weren’t even there before. Usually when something bad happens we tend to over analyze it with all the wrongs we did on our part. Maybe we did some maybe we didn’t in either case we think and think and think.

We often feel that we are in no position to share anything and the life is basically going pointless and the rage filled in us takes an ugly turn leading us to a stage of depression.

It usually starts with when something goes wrong with us that we weren’t ready for. This unplanned circumstance usually turns into a little bit of anger in us. When we decide to not to show it to anyone, it doesn’t disappear it’s there it stays there and converts itself into frustration. Then the frustration starts showing up itself over one thing then the other. one tends to get irritated over small things. The frustration left untreated converts itself into stress. Not to forget the stress has it’s own repercussions. The untreated stress converts itself into depression. Thus a little thing may convert itself into a big life-threatening disease.

How do you feel?

The people suffering from this syndrome usually feel trapped, caged, left out. You feel like we want to say a lot but there’s none who would lend an ear. When you do gather lots of courage to say out something nothing comes out of our mouth. The words do not match with your feelings. Strange things happen. One time you feel obsessed with something and the other time all that obsession is lost and that doesn’t matter anymore.

You want to heard, you want to be free but the things show some different pathway. This dusk is long and long held. You are sitting here waiting for one sunrise to come and someday may be someday there will be a time when we will be heard and your voice will come out and you will speak exactly as you feel.


Backward law

Before providing any solution there’s a need to understand the law that is little bit different than usual. The law states that:

wanting a positive experience is a negative experience and accepting the negative experience is a positive experience.

Let’s sink that in. Expectation of things to happen your way is a negative experience and accepting the fact that things will happen as they happen will provide you satisfaction.



Different approach

We at Rekt Hub believe in treating the problem before it starts. Instead of practicing the art of holding a grudge we should definitely try the art of letting go. We are here to offer you our assistance.

The practice of holding grudges against someone is really a bad choice to make because it doesn’t harm a person against whom you are holding a grudge but definitely eats you on the inside.

Whenever you feel like a little tiny bit of angry, you may the dial up the phone and cuss and let yourself out. As per a study, the people who curse a lot are happier and more satisfied than the people who do not curse. So just pick up the phone and curse out everything on us.

P.S. We won’t judge you.

We strongly believe that the world will one day for sure will become a better place to live, we have to live till  that day to see. One day it surely will be. Until then, Rekt Hub will take all the pain.