Rekt hub is a stress buster website which primarily focuses on improving overall health and well-being of people. By letting out emotions and expressing the way of how you feel helps one gain confidence and momentum of a stress free and grudge free lifestyle.

Anger, Stress, Frustration

Anger and frustration is an emotion that one suffers from one or another point of life. Some people express it others prefer to keep it to themselves. Either way consequences are not very app-laudable. Many times, anger leashes out itself on people who don’t even deserve it. One small circumstance ruins entire day as person often blames all the situation and anyone and everyone that passes their way.

Why is it Important to Let Go Of Emotions?

Bottling up emotions has devastating effects mentally, emotionally and physically. It may lead to serious conditions of depression and brain damage. Thinking about one thing the entire time is not really a solution to the problem.

Sometimes the things that remain inside us kills us, destroys us. The words unsaid convert into poison and eat us up alive. Sometimes our side of the story is not heard by anyone. Sometimes we just don’t have anyone to listen to us. Or the only thing we want to hear is it will get better no matter what.

How We Help?

How about not letting one moment of anger ruining the entire day? How about letting go of how you feel? Easy said than done of course.

We are here to the rescue. We are here to listen to all your thoughts and frustration or simply abuses. Pose us as the person you are frustrated or you want to let go how you feel about anyone or simply treat us as the person you really want to f**k off. Let it out. Let it go.

We help you leash out your anger and pain. Throw it all out, let it all go. Release yourself from the emotions of guilt and resentment.

Things people hold back

There can be various things that a person may be holding back in him/her.

For instance;

  1. Tell their part of the story.
  2. Explain how the fault was not at their end.
  3. How people have used them to their own benefit.
  4. How the rumors about them were not true.
  5. Or simply want to spit out all the anger in the form of abuses.

Weighing Yourself Down

We usually see the weight only as a thing that we see physically or on the weighing machine. But the weighing machine only show the weight of mass and body. But the massive weight we carry upon our shoulders. The weight of anger, frustration, grudges that we are holding and that are major weight upon our shoulders that put us down.

We usually tend to put undue in tangible weight on our mind and body that that weigh us down. It is better to put weigh down that we really can in order to focus ourselves on the better things that need our attention.

Why Us?

The consumers can take out all of their anger and frustration without being worried about us being judgmental.

The main focus of this service is providing instant relief to the consumers.

We let people to do whatever they feel like doing in order to reduce the amount of stress in their lives, even it means abusing the other person.

The depression can be eradicated by simply by shouting on the top of lungs and being straight forward right on someone’s face. Based on this concept many people or situations tend to keep us back from expressing our true anger and frustration. Taking the psychology of adult introverts, we cannot cry everything out.

So that why Rekt Hub is here to the rescue. Just dial the contact number and let it all go and let it all out.

Shouting on top of our lungs is the best cure and relief.

As human beings it’s our tendency to blame it all on someone else. Many times, we run out of things and people on whom we can put all the blame on. And sometimes in the heat of moment we tend to lose all the people and things.

Let it all on us and let it all out on us.

All your complaints and yelling would be tolerated by us as long as our consumers want us to.

We have put forward our best team to just hear all your rambling and yelling.

Trust us we are not here to advice you or counsel you in any case.

There are way too many therapists out there to guide you. We here to ease your pressure by just hearing everything you got to say without giving any of the unwanted suggestions unless you ask for one.

The main aim is not to promote violence but reduce internal pressure and stress by simply a therapeutic exercise. It gives instant relaxation to the person by just taking out anger on someone else without harming any relationship.

When Will You Need Us?

There can be various situations where our help can come in handy.

  1. You had a fight with your boss
  2. You got stuck in traffic
  3. Undue work pressure
  4. Rude clients
  5. Early mornings
  6. Late nights
  7. Spouse cheating
  8. Sudden break up
  9. Fight with a friend
  10. Fight with Family
  11. Got your period
  12. Cancellation of meeting you worked your ass off for
  13. Backbitters
  14. Your proposal got rejected
  15. Your son/daughter misbehaved
  16. Or you are just having a really really really bad day

All you really need is a good scream. Rekt Hub to the rescue.